Graphene stocks – is it a good investment? Everything says it might be, but don’t rush in headlong without a bit of research first

The stock market may be a volatile area, but graphene stocks are slowly making their name as a prospective and lucrative investment in the future. Graphene and other nanomaterials are perhaps set to revolutionize many industries. So does putting your money into this area make for a viable investment? Let’s find out!

Graphene stock

Graphene stock buying – things to consider

Good news first – vast amount of money is being put into the research of graphene and other nanotechnology. We are inching closer and closer to graphene becoming a fully marketable technology. While nanomaterials used to be a bit of an uncharted territory, making many investors rather wary (and other investors perhaps too enthused by the prospect of a “wonder material), today it is undeniable that nanotechnology is indeed the future. Today you can find graphene being used in:

  •   Photovoltaics and solar energy harvesting
  •   Batteries production
  •   Ultra capacitors
  •   LED screens

With other limited or prospective uses in:

  •   Medicine
  •   Military
  •   Textile industry
  •   Aerospace industry

And many, many more industries and spheres of life. In all likelihood, nanomaterials will eventually become as widespread as plastics. Perhaps that future is not far away. And the investors seem to be noticing. But as with any investment, a certain degree of risk will be involved – one should never let the hype cloud his common sense!

Don’t go pouring your money into graphene left and right

There are countless companies marketing themselves as graphene pros – some of them scammers, some of them having actually very little to do with graphene. Always make sure to properly research each and every one of them. Each investment should be preceded by a degree of exploration and not be done on a whim. For a good measure, here is a list of things to consider before investing into anything, graphene or not.

Give it some time and diversify your portfolio

Always keep in mind that graphene and nanomaterials are still a relatively fresh phenomenon and though they are significantly closer to reaching mainstream commercial application than they were a few years earlier, many hurdles and obstacles are yet to be surmounted. Some of the companies may be left behind in the race while others will reach the top. When investing into anything, it is always crucial to diversify your portfolio.

You don’t have to and shouldn’t place your bet on just one horse in this case – make sure you don’t waste your money by investing into just one company! Also, it is a good sign if graphene is not the only thing your selected company is dealing in – more diversified firms usually tend to be the safer choices than the “one-trick ponies”.

Don’t expect results outright – it might still be a long race ahead

Almost every investment takes time, so you should not lose your patience. If you’re looking for quick returns, then you may be better off looking elsewhere than graphene. Keep in mind that it is still a very new technology, and the production costs involved in manufacturing it are still quite high to make it perfectly viable for mass production and therefor mass profit. That doesn’t mean that it one day this won’t be the case, of course, and you shouldn’t scrape your investment just because things seem to take too long a time for your liking – you might regret it in the future!

Would you put your money into graphene? Is the right time to invest now, later, or has it already passed? And what are some other viable alternatives to this if you don’t trust graphene? We appreciate your input – leave a comment below!

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