New Genre of Fiction Called Philosophical Fiction – Jonathan VanAntwerpen

Have made another avant gardist sort of fiction called Philosophical fiction it is a fiction that is post-post present day fiction. It withdraws from the traditional methods of narrating. There are no accounts to tell any longer. There is likewise no plot line. By utilizing the method of this sort, I have made an oeuvre called the Guernica. The work has been intensely affected by the workmanship development of Picasso that is Cubism. It likewise fuses the rhythms of Jazz.

The workmanship development is sentimentalism modernized and focuses profoundly on stylish substance. The principle motivation for Philosophical comes from Picasso’s Guernica. Guernica is a theoretical montage which depicts the besieging of the Basque town. It likewise contains conceptual compositions. There is additionally an inclination to join rhythms of Jazz. The slip-slap beat of Jazz is placed into the fiction of wonderful composition. The work is likewise the extravagant modernized. The craftsmanship is an ensemble of traditional persuasiveness. Sentimentalism however wanton currently, is renewed and placed into a combination of creative figures of Jonathan VanAntwerpen. Analogies are delineated as impressionistic canvases. Philosophical topics are placed into anecdotal themes. Writing is consigned as workmanship’s way of thinking. Theory is a theme, a stylish model. There is an inclination to address music as writing. Philosophical fiction delivers a story about the Philosophies of existentialism and post innovation. Workmanship is a lovely similitude.

The creative pattern has vigorously acquired the scholarly story of Streams of Consciousness. The scholarly development rethinks style with the story joining the Baroque and the Blues. Crafted by artistic way of thinking is the most noteworthy structure, a novel can achieve workmanship. Different philosophical subjects are analyzed through the scholarly themes of craftsmanship. In this manner creative form is a post-post present day, a beautiful orchestra of exposition in accounts. In the work, the creator and characters consolidate. Stories of this stylish oeuvre draw vigorously on the imagery of figures of speech. Figures of speech are music in the language of verse. Different subjects of nature have been romanticized into a mixed language of idyllic writing.

Philosophical fiction is a post-post current adaption of the craft of nouveau roman. The creator in Philosophical fiction likewise enjoys the rich use of the method of the pastiche. This therapeutic work utilizes the heartfelt language of the past with a postmodern anecdotal touch. This tale is the specialty of impressionism of words, the craft of cubist exposition and the expressionism of the heartfelt. The style of this oeuvre considers different philosophical topics and weaves them in a rich thickness of scholarly between textuality.

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