Sound Control during music production – The Correct Way

The following section details the steps that may help you control the sound of your probably less-than-perfect room during blending. Near-field monitors are intended to be listened to up near hence the close in their title and can decrease the effects that the rest of the room has on your ability to correctly hear them and to find a fantastic mix. Blending at low volumes takes the fun out of it, right? Well, as fun as it might be to combine at high volumes, it translates into an excellent mix. Great mixing engineers frequently listen to their own mixers at very low levels. Yes, they sometimes use high levels, but just after the mixing are nearly completed and just for brief amounts of time. In the end, if you hurt your ears, you will wind up getting a brief career as a sound engineer hey, that rhymes. . Really do not want to sound like your mom, but try to resist the urge to crank it up. Your ears will last longer, and your mixes will sound much better.

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Despite both of these items near-field screens and low mixing amounts, you still have to do something to your own room to make it work better for you. The key to getting a great¬†Raz’s music production blog is to tame the noise reflections coming from your speakers. Dealing with high and midrange frequencies is pretty simple – just install some foam panels or the absorptive side of the panels from figure 3-18. See, told you that you’d have a use for all those panels. Here’s a rundown on how to put absorption panels on your studio:

 Start By hanging two panels or by placing them on a table or stand so that they are at the amount of your speakers on the wall behind you. Put 1 panel on each side wall, where the speakers are pointed out. This placement, shown in figure 3-19, eliminates the higher frequencies and removes a lot of the echo. With The arrival of advanced recording technology and affordable, high-tech gear, professional records can be made virtually anywhere. Recording is no longer the exclusive domain of the large, multi-room complex. That having been said, there are a couple of things you should think about before deciding on a studio for the project. First and foremost is sound quality.

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