Tick Control For Your Pet Dog – A Dog’s Best Friend

It’s hard to believe that in a time when science is creating unbelievable new things every day that the very best means to control an old trouble is with an even older service. Hundreds of years ago microscopic algae-like creatures lived in ancient seas. Called Diatoms, millions lived as well as passed away leaving behind tiny skeletons which accumulated on the sea flooring. When these seas dried up, the skeletons were hidden. Modern mining has actually uncovered these skeletal deposits and the world was introduced to the mineral Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Planet or DE has several usages but it masters pest control. Completely natural and also chemical complimentary it is one of the most efficient and also safe method to get rid of fleas as well as ticks from your dog. Diatomaceous Earth is really Amorphous Silica and consists of 14 other trace minerals consisting of calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper as well as titanium. This silica is an all-natural desiccant and bugs are killed by dehydration not by any chemical action. It is harmless to people, pets, plants and birds.

This unique high quality makes DE extraordinary for a natural flea and also tick control for pets. To use, merely shake the powder along your dog’s spinal column as well as overcome the pet dog’s layer. Given that DE is a powder stay clear of eyes and nose location but use on the body of the canine. Any type of fleas as well as ticks not immediately coated will die as they move about the canine’s body. DE eliminates continually yet gradually and also never ever loses its efficiency. The only adverse effects are a minor drying out of the skin if over made use of. It needs to be kept in mind that DE does not eliminate flea and tick eggs, it will however eliminate the hatched out larvae when they emerge.


DE is likewise safe for use on young puppies as well as older pets. A word of care, as a powder DE mayo irritate tiny pups breathing flows and also consequently must be made use of ONLY on young puppies older than 3 months. When dealing with cleaning your dog, constantly apply to a completely dry animal. Newly washed, damp or wet canines will make the Diatomaceous Earth glob and also produce a mess. Use only on a dry dog. If your pet has fleas and ticks, so does your canine’s bed linen. Dust your pet dog’s sleeping location his bed and also the location around it, with DE to eliminate fleas as well as препарати против кърлежи за тревни площи ticks below. Leave on bed linen however if treating the floor location, leave on a number of hours and then vacuum cleaner. Repeat as needed. If your dog copulates you, treat your bed also. DE is likewise fantastic utilized in kennels or outdoor areas your canine often visits.

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